Presenter Guidelines/Recommendations

Prior to the conference:

[ ]Complete the online registration form
[ ]Prepare your poster/oral presentation (oral presentations can be prepared as either Keynote or PowerPoint presentations)
[ ]If you are doing an oral presentation, save your oral presentations on a USB flash drive and label the file using your initials. We recommend use of the following format for file labeling: “OCGWIS-SpringConf2015-YourInitials”
[ ]If you are doing a poster presentation, make sure your poster is no larger than 4 feet wide and 36 inches high. We will provide poster boards for poster presentations. Also, you can view our recommendations on making an effective poster by clicking on the link below. Please note, you are NOT required to follow these recommendations. These are simply tools that may help you in organizing your poster. If you would like to use a different format in organizing your work, you are more than welcome to do so.
Poster Recommendations
[ ]Practice your oral/poster presentations in advance and make sure that oral presentations are a maximum of 10 minutes in length
[ ]Make sure that your advisor has received an email from OCGWIS regarding an advisor verification form and has submitted that form to OCGWIS
[ ]Know where to park

On the day of the conference:

[ ]Dress professionally
[ ]Arrive early to register
[ ]If you have not already paid for your registration fee, be sure to bring cash or check to pay for the cost
[ ]If you are doing an oral presentation, upload your presentation onto the computer
[ ]If you are doing an oral presentation, go through all of your slides after upload and make sure all contents/videos/images are visible/functional
[ ]If you are presenting a poster, be sure to bring it along with you. For your convenience, you can leave your posters with us at the registration table and pick them up before lunch. You will be placing your posters on the poster boards just before lunch
[ ]If you are presenting a poster, stand by your poster during the entire time of presentations (i.e. 12:30pm to 2:00pm)
[ ]Utilize this day as your opportunity to ask questions from your peers
[ ]Mingle, network, and get to know your peers